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Jul 22, 2023

10 Best Honda Civic Aftermarket Parts

The Honda Civic is an affordable and tuner-friendly Japanese performance car. Here are a few aftermarket parts to spice it up even more. The Honda Civic is one of the easiest vehicles to modify.

The Honda Civic is an affordable and tuner-friendly Japanese performance car. Here are a few aftermarket parts to spice it up even more.

The Honda Civic is one of the easiest vehicles to modify. Thanks to the vast array of available aftermarket parts, there's everything within all budget ranges. The Civic is the go-to performance car for enthusiasts who can't afford top-of-the-line sports cars.

The available aftermarket parts help increase power, improve the aesthetics, and even make the Honda Civic a fun daily driver. While a stock Honda is a fun-to-drive vehicle, these aftermarket parts can help boost its drivability and performance.

An oil cooler kit is among the best Honda Civic aftermarket mods. It helps lower the oil's temperature as it passes through. It only functions when the engine is running, ensuring it doesn't exceed the normal operating temperature.

An oil cooler kit is inexpensive and can help protect your engine, especially if you have some performance upgrades. The oil cooler helps extend the life of the oil, thus extending the engine's lifespan.

Another great aftermarket solution for a Honda Civic is an exhaust upgrade. The exhaust system helps improve airflow and engine performance. Even if you don't plan to tune the engine, an exhaust upgrade can make a big difference.

There are multiple reputable exhaust options for Honda Civics, including HKS and MAPerformance. Besides increasing engine performance, these exhaust systems also sound better. They also use higher materials like stainless steel for increased durability.

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Wheels are a crucial aspect of any vehicle. They play a pivotal role in offering excellent performance. You'll need some aftermarket alloy wheels to make your Honda Civic perform and look better. Getting the right set will help you enjoy driving your Honda Civic.

The aftermarket scene has plenty of alloy options on offer. You should aim to find wheels that work best with your current setup. Therefore, if you plan to change your suspension setup and brakes, look for wheels that will work with these upgrades.

Upgrading your suspension can also help you get better performance from your Honda Civic. Suspension upgrade kits help your Civic handle better around corners. For road use, lowering springs will work best, thus eliminating body roll and ensuring that your Civic stays level around corners.

Adding aftermarket parts like control arms and anti-roll bars helps drastically improve the vehicle's responsiveness. It also eliminates tire squeals, making the Civic a great track weapon. In addition, a suspension upgrade can also enhance the Civic's braking performance.

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An engine tune is one of the best ways of gaining more power from your Honda Civic. Despite Honda engineers working to make the Civic more powerful over the years, enthusiasts still yearn for more power. Plenty of inexpensive tuning options exist from electronic tuners like KTuner and Hondata.

These systems allow you to make simple and fast adjustments to your Honda Civic. They also give users a manageable level of control, thus quickly adjusting parameters like the partial throttle boost response, turbo spool, and throttle response.

After getting aftermarket alloy wheels, you need a good set of tires. Getting new rubber on your Honda Civic is a simple modification that will improve the aesthetics and handling. Tires are functional modifications essential for your Civic's regular maintenance.

When looking for new rubber, you should factor in your driving habits. Therefore, if you spend a lot of time on the track, you need tires that will heat up quickly for more grip. For daily driving, you need tires that offer enhanced comfort, reliable tread life, and excellent road traction.

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While most modifications help improve the power output of your vehicle, the brakes help slow down effectively. If you plan on making performance upgrades to your Honda Civic, you'll need a good brake kit to handle all the power.

A good brake kit lets you take full advantage of your performance upgrades by pushing your Civic to the limit. It also offers peace of mind that you can always stop on demand. A complete kit ensures you get all the essential braking components, including brake pads and rotors.

When modifying your Honda Civic for more performance, you need to upgrade your fuel system to maintain the efficiency of your engine. An upgraded system ensures that cleaner fuel flows to the engine and that combustion happens more efficiently.

Upgrading the fuel system ensures that all modifications, including the engine tune and turbos, can work harmoniously. An aftermarket fuel system ensures your engine gets the desired flow in all use cases. The components to focus on when upgrading the fuel system include the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, fuel lines and rails, and fuel injectors.

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A clutch upgrade is an essential Honda Civic aftermarket part. It's among the few updates that offer the best bang for the buck, since aftermarket clutches can easily handle more power down the line. The clutch is also critical to your transmission, since it helps you shift gears and control your speed.

A good aftermarket clutch helps eliminate most shifting problems, including slipping. In addition, the clutch upgrade offers better heat management, friction, and clamping force. A clutch upgrade also offers high RPM capabilities, smooth engagement, light pedal effort, and accurately balanced acceleration.

An aftermarket turbo kit can help you gain more power from your Honda Civic. There are plenty of reputable brands, including Mishimoto. Such kits can help you gain good performance, helping make your Civic more fun to drive.

When choosing a turbo kit, consider whether it will work with the stock tuning. In addition, you need to consider high-quality turbo kits since they increase your Civic's longevity. Such turbo kits are trustworthy and ensure that you don't have to push your engine too much to make tons of power.

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